4 Reasons Why You Should Use AsianDate’s Flowers and Presents Service

Every relationship needs to have romance – all the more when you’re a million miles away from each other. That’s why the man in the relationship needs to be as creative as possible to: 1. Get the romance started or 2. Maintain the romance that’s already in the relationship.

This is an easy feat when an AsianDate couple is at the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship. This means that the new couple is experiencing all the good feelings that come with having new love online – video calls become exhilarating, heartbeats are skipped every time the phone rings, text messaging or emailing sweet nothings back and forth becomes delightful. Flowers and Presents Service

However, this might not be as easy when the couple is about a year or two into the relationship. Let’s face it, creativity likely has or likely will run out when the couple is still not together after this period of time. So what’s left to do?

The answer can be found in an AsianDate service that many may not be very familiar with: the Flowers and Presents Service. This feature allows AsianDate members to send special gifts like toys, gift baskets, jewelry, flowers and gift cards to their significant other in Asia.

AsianDate’s Flowers and Presents Service will help you because:

1. It helps keep the romance alive.

This is, after all, your primary goal. Women just love surprise presents. There has always been something romantic about receiving a bouquet of flowers so why not surprise your Asian beauty with one? If the romance hasn’t started yet, it’s even a greater reason for guys to opt for this service to show their romantic side.

2. It makes her feel that you’re around.

Sometimes, video calls, emails or chat messages in long distance relationship aren’t enough to substitute for the lack of physical presence. There’s no exact substitute for being together in one place but a stuffed animal and flowers from the AsianDate Flowers and Presents Service may alleviate the longing a little better than chat messages.

3. It shows effort and sincerity.

Calling, texting, chatting, emailing, video conferencing – these are basic to-dos for a long distance relationship. Doing all these tasks means that the couple is putting in the effort for the relationship to work. Going beyond these – such as sending surprise presents – shows that you’re going above and beyond. It doesn’t only show that you’re really putting your heart into the relationship but you’re also being sincere about your intentions.

4. It gives you plus points.

We don’t really admit it at times but a man who gives presents always gets plus points in the relationship. When we say plus points it means that he is making a good impression. For example, giving presents to an Asian woman’s family or children, given that the circumstances are appropriate, can set up a good impression.

How to Use the Flowers and Presents Service?

It’s very simple. All an AsianDate member has to do is go to a lady’s profile, click on Flowers and Presents, choose the appropriate present for his lady (several presents can be chosen) and then click on order. You will be notified as soon as your lady receives the gift.

The member can also see how happy his lady is while holding the gift he ordered for her by clicking on “Delivery Orders”. This option will grant the member access to photo(s) of his lady receiving and holding the gift(s) he gave.

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