4 Ways to Tell if a Chinese Girl’s Profile is Fake

Anyone can make a fake online dating profile and Chinese girls are no exceptions to that. The truth is that there are thousands of fake profiles crafted forcatching an innocent man’s attention, resources and time. Most of these profiles aren’t even set up by Chinese girls but, instead, male scammers. Only if one is careful and possesses knowledge of the most common red flags on fake dating profiles, can they protect themselves.

Here are some of the most common red flags to remember:

1. Descriptions that Sound Too Perfect Plus Stunning Photos

Chinese girlsIf the Chinese girl you’ve been talking to online says she is a lawyer with tons of experience and success in her field and also happens to look like a model –
it may be too good to be true. Naturally there are exceptions but the majority of wealthy Chinese women typically marry the men their parents have picked out.
If these ladies are dating on the side, they definitely won’t put their entire lives on her profile. If something seems to good to be true – it probably is.

2. “This Seems Familiar…”

That applies to those who have been online dating before and have signed up with various profiles. If you come across a profile that gives you a strangely
familiar feeling, like you’ve seen this exact profile before then it is a warning sign. Do a Google search – it wouldn’t be too surprising if you found the same picture used with different names on different sites. Or the same description used in various images.

3. Body Proportions

It doesn’t take much to understand that a tall skinny Chinese girl sounds unrealistic. There are exceptions of course, but not too many of these ladies are perfect and modelesque. Plus what are the chances that women like that are looking for a date online? They probably have their hands full offline.

4. The Pictures Look Outdated

Lying about age is just about the most common thing to happen online. Lots of people don’t pay attention to it, but when you are online dating, you don’t want to start off by telling a lie. It will morph into a severe trust issue once the truth comes out. Look at the pictures and if they look too old ask for new
ones. If you don’t receive any then you know it is time to move on.

Use Google. Often

These tips are rather limited, but Google isn’t. Dedicate time to searching for anything suspicious you have found on an online dating profile. Not just those of Chinese girls. Always be on guard and think about your safety.