Adjust Unrealistic Expectations You Have About Your Date

Before a relationship matures into something serious, a couple goes through a phase where they think the person they are dating is either superman or superwoman. To put it simply, we all have unrealistic expectations of our dates because of our new circumstance and the feeling of blissfulness that comes with every new relationship.

Adjust Your Unrealistic Expectations About Your Date | Asian Date
Your date won’t always look made up and that’s reality.

Unrealistic Expectations VS Reality

It is a normal stage to go through as no couple is exempt from thinking of their new significant other as the best person in the world, but we should always try to put things in the perspective of reality. We need to do this because we wouldn’t want to let ourselves down because we bought into the unrealistic expectations we’ve told ourselves. To put things in perspective, we’ve listed down the most common unreal expectations we have of our dates:

My Date’s Always Going To Look Amazing

This expectation goes for both men and women. For the men, they expect their dates to look made up, but they don’t realise that their dates might not have enough time to do their hair and makeup, and then put on nice clothes. It’s just not possible.

For women, it’s similar. Your date’s going to have off days just like you. His hair’s not always going to be waxed into place nor will he wear the same kind of outfits he wears when you go out.

My Date’s Always Going To Have Time For Me

It’s a fact that when a person is interested in you, he or she is going to set aside time in their schedule to meet with you. But, we shouldn’t expect it to happen often. Both you and your date probably have a day job you have to attend to. Make sure you set real expectations when it comes to the time you and your date spend together.

My Date’s Going To Be My Spouse

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because the relationship is fairly new. If you’re already expecting wedding bells, you may not have the presence to focus on what you have now. You could end up marrying the person you’re with, but you shouldn’t be in a hurry to have that kind of talk.

Having unrealistic expectations in a relationship is very similar to jumping to conclusions. Having such unreal perceptions of who your date is (or should be) and where your new relationship is heading can spell out a disaster.

Take your time, manage your expectations and relish the present with your new love. We have more dating tips for you on the blog so make sure you check them out after reading this post.