Are Dating Shows Changing the Way Chinese Ladies Date?

The Chinese culture has always been known for its traditions and heritage. Also, it’s no secret that Chinese people feel it’s necessary to preserve some of these traditions in their lives, family and in the way they do everyday tasks. Tradition is passed down from generation to generation, up until the 21st century.

Asian Date | Are Dating Shows Changing the Way Chinese Ladies Date?
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This makes you think, however. In today’s fast-paced world, are some of this heritage and traditions changing because of the influence of television and social media? Let’s explore that by talking about the top three dating game shows in China today.

Chinese Ladies Like Watching Dating Game Shows Because of This Reason

Chinese dating game shows are all the rage in China! Dating game shows like If You Are the One (fēi chéng wù rǎo) attract viewers even from outside China because it is intriguing and exciting, to be honest. It allows people to push boundaries of the dating, or does it?

You Are the One (fēi chéng wù rǎo)

The way this game show is played is like question and answer. Ladies stand on stage. They are greeted by a single man. The show begins with the host showing these Chinese ladies a video about the single guy in front of them. If the light on their podium lights up, it means that they are interested. Only a few ladies make it to the final round. The guy then has to choose who he wants to date. The ladies can then accept or not.

One Out of 100 (bǎi lǐ tiāo yī)

This dating game show is somewhat similar to You Are the One, but with slightly different mechanics. It’s also a question/answer type of dating game and the ladies do have to stand behind a podium and switch on their light if they are interested. The audience is joined in on the fun where the 100th audience member is entered as one of the ladies, plus the single guy doesn’t know which woman switched on their light. There’s more mystery to this one.

Mother-in-Law Looks at Son-in-Law (zhàng mǔ niáng kàn nǚ xù)

The dating mechanics with the lights remain in this one also. However, as the name suggests, this time, mothers are involved in the whole dating game show. You need to impress mom too for you to date her daughter.

Have these Game Shows Changed the way Chinese Ladies Date?

The answer is yes and no. There are few things on these dating game shows that are traditional. For example, the man has to do the courting, and the Chinese lady has to do the choosing. Another one is that a mother’s word is the law.

Despite that, the most obvious dating culture change in these game shows is the choice. You choose who to you love and be happy with.
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