Are Divorced Ladies In China Still Dateable?

These days the topic of divorce seems to be the kind of a joke for both men and ladies in China. The reason behind this is because divorce appears to have become a norm when Chinese couples are unwilling to compromise.  According to statistics from the UN, the divorce rate is getting higher every year.

Asian Date | Are Divorced Ladies In China Still Date-able?

With society frowning down upon ladies in China who are not married, these women will most likely take to online dating to find their next husband. The odds of meeting divorced ladies in China online are higher than ever.

What You Should Know About Divorced Ladies In China

But, before you go jumping in and dating a beautiful Chinese woman who has been divorced, there are a couple of things you need to know:

1. You’re going to need to ask serious questions.

Divorce may be something that’s OK in China, but it may not be acceptable in your family and culture. At some point, you have to ask the Chinese divorcee you’re interested in the following questions:

  • Do you want to get married again?
  • Do you ever see yourself with one person for the rest of your life?

These questions sound pretty serious, but her answers will determine if she wants to move forward in your relationship, and if she is staying with your permanently once the “I dos” have been said.

2. It’s a bad sign if she talks badly about her former fling.

The reason why this is a bad sign is that ladies in China who still talk about their ex-husband badly could still be invested in the relationship, or the divorce might have happened recently. She may be emotionally unprepared for a new relationship. In short, it may be too early for a new flame.

3. Pick the right time to ask these questions.

The issues and the events that you’re going to ask will have a very serious note. A lot of negative memories will come back, so it’s best that you ask the questions at the right time.

Are Chinese Divorcees Still Dateable?

In summary, yes, of course, ladies in China who are divorced are still dateable. It’s just a matter of determining if they want to move forward relationship-wise. And if they want to get married again, without making divorce an option. We hope that this has been helpful! For more Asian dating tips, please check out other posts on our blog.