Asian Date’s Ladies Reveal Their Thoughts About YOU

You’ll never know what a lady from Asian Date thinks about until you ask her or until she feels that she’s ready to reveal her inner most desires. That’s why if you’re on Asian Date, you really have to take the initiative to get to know these ladies and strike up a conversation, so you know what they’re about, their culture, and, perhaps, if you’re their ideal guy or not.

Asian Date | What do Asian Date Ladies Think of You?
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A Dream Guy For A Beauty From Asian Date

You’ll be surprised to know that most Asian ladies want simple things in life and love. Rarely will you meet a lady who wants a grandiose kind of life. The main thing, really, is family, security, and happiness. Here are five examples of Asian Date’s Ladies’ profile, so you have an idea of an Asian woman’s ideal man:


Source: Hillary's Profile
Source: Hillary’s Profile

Hillary is a beautiful Filipina who only looks at what is inside. She mentions that she doesn’t mind a person’s social status, age or physical appearance. What matters to her most are the heart and the soul of a person.

Dating tip: Hillary is the kind of girl who appreciates anything that you’ll do. Surprise this Asian Date lady with flowers and a box of chocolates, and she’ll be happy.



Source: Lisa's Profile
Source: Lisa’s Profile

Lisa describes her ideal man as someone who can make her a princess. She continues by describing her prince charming as someone who is kind, and has a warm heart; someone who is loyal, and who will be there for her when she’s down.

Dating tip: A ride through the park on a horse-drawn carriage sounds like a fairytale ending to a lovely dinner date with Lisa, don’t you think?


Source: Han's Profile
Source: Han’s Profile

Han is a business owner from China who desires nothing but someone’s love. Her business is thriving, but she hasn’t found someone she can enjoy life with. Her man will love her more each day.

Dating tip: Han is an independentwoman who doesn’t need a lot of impressing from a man. Give her something personalized when on a date because she will appreciate it more.


Source: Carmen's Profile
Source: Carmen’s Profile

This Asian Date lady is 32-years old. She lives in the Philippines and works as a teacher. She’s straightforward in describing the ideal man she wants to meet: honest, loving and sincere. She’s looking for her equal, and that could be you.

Dating tip: Carmen loves watching movies. It’s one of her interests!





Source: Xue's Profile
Source: Xue’s Profile

This woman from Asian Date is an aspiring model. Although her looks can intimidate men, she’s down to earth, easy going and well-spoken. She’s seeking to meet someone who can love her for who she is and not for what she looks like.

Dating tip: Xue has an active lifestyle. Make sure you can keep up! Ride a bike on your date or go hiking.



Now that you know what these ladies want, it’s time for you to make the first move. Other ladies have also revealed what they want in a man on the Asian Date site. Make sure to check our other blog out as well as this one for more information about the ladies and a dating advice or two.