Asian Date: Is It Love Or Just Lust? Signs That Tell The Difference

When you are in love, it’s feels as though you are experiencing all the goodness of the world. Despite the blissfulness we feel, how sure are we that we are indeed feeling love? Do you what else can make you feel blissful? Lust – the strong physical desire we often mistake for love. We, at Asian Date, reveal the signs that can differentiate the two.

Asian Date: Is It Love Or Just Lust? Signs That Tell The Difference | Asian Date

Asian Date: How To Tell If You Are In Love Or In Lust

We have all been through relationships where we have mistaken lust for love. Most often, and you may agree with this, the relationships that were built on lust were often short-lived. This is why it’s important to tell the difference.

Signs You’re In Love

  • You want to spend time with the person. Time that does not involve the bedroom.
  • You like the person’s personality and quirky characteristics.
  • Talking about your emotions because you feel safe and secure around the person.
  • Feeling like this person deserves the best.
  • He or she brings out the best in you.

Signs You’re In Lust

  • You’re too focused on the other person’s appearance.
  • You don’t talk about your emotions or of future plans when you are together.
  • Spending time is only about physical contact. There not much quality time afterwards. It’s also possible that you may even want to leave asap.

It all boils down to connection, but not the physical kind. When you are in love, the main telling point is that you connect at a much deeper level. A sexual or physical connection can also be present, but other things, like spending time, talking, laughing and so on, should not be drowned out.

Again, knowing the difference is essential so you can set your exceptions and make adjustments in your relationship. If you are in lust, then focus on other things about your partner, start talking, start communicating, to form a stronger bond.

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