Asian Date: These Are The Signs Your Partner Is No Good For You

Do you think you are getting what you need and deserve from your relationship? If you can’t say “yes” to this question straight away, perhaps the answer is “no”, or maybe you’re not sure. Even though we, at Asian Date, keep saying that perfection is unattainable, some signs that our partner is no good for us shouldn’t be ignored.

Asian Date describes some signs you're not right for each other.
Are you unsure about her being the best option for you?

Asian Date Describes The Signs Your Partner Is Not A Right Match For You

A little compromise is necessary in every relationship, but how much is too much? Have you, perhaps, been blindsided by your love for her, ignoring the telltale signs that she’s no good for you? Here are some of the most obvious ways you can tell your partner  is not the kind of person that should be by your side.

#1. You’re hidings things from her.

The person we have chosen to have by our side should be the kind of person we feel most comfortable to be ourselves around. If she has made you feel bad about yourself either by slagging you off, belittling you, or generally trying to make you feel uncomfortable, what’s the use of being with someone like her?

#2. You don’t have the same values and desires.

Do you share the same values? Is there a core value, like her work ethics, that you strongly disagree with? Do you also fail to see eye to eye on life-altering decisions such as whether or when to have children? These things will eventually surface and cause major arguments.

#3. You feel like you’re the one making all the sacrifices in your relationship.

A relationship is like a company that is run by two people. Both of them need to be decision-makers and both of them are also responsible for making things work. If she’s not pulling her own weight, this means that you need to pull all the weight yourself. This is, of course, neither right nor fair.

#4. You feel like your character changes around her.

Our partners should make us better people. If you see yourself in a worse light when you’re with her, it probably means that she is a bad influence. We cannot and should not be with someone we don’t admire, as every time we do something we’re not proud of, we move further from loving and respecting that person and ourselves.

#5. The people who love you are warning you about her.

We can agree that our chosen significant other doesn’t always have to get along with our family or friends, but if our nearest and dearest are expressing their doubts and concerns about her, perhaps they may be seeing something we are failing to see. Maybe we should at least hear them out.

#6. Something just doesn’t feel right.

Even stronger than our family and friends’ warning, our gut feeling is sometimes the most objective judge. If there’s something that feels wrong about her, we shouldn’t ignore out inner voice.

Perhaps the signs were always there and things like passion or spontaneity precluded you from seeing them, or maybe you both changed – as people inevitably do – and moved to opposite directions. For whatever reasons, at Asian Date we remind ourselves and our friends that we only have one shot to live our life, so we should not waste our time on this planet by spending it with the wrong people.