Asian Women Desperate, Taking Dating Leaves To Find Love

Have you ever heard about dating leaves? Probably not because it’s an entirely new concept which started in Asia. Generally, people can have sick leave or maternity leave. Two companies in Asia decided that it would be best to add dating leaves to add to their female employees’ privileges.

Asian Woman Gets A Dating Leave From Her Company | Asian Date

Why Asian Women Take Dating Leaves

It may be weird to hear that Asian ladies are taking dating leaves, but it’s a cultural thing. In Asian society, everyone expects a woman to be married before reaching thirty years old. It sounds a bit mean, but those who are over the age of thirty and are still single are considered as “leftover women”.

Asian ladies have a lot of pressure on their shoulders with regards to the marriage expectations of society. You might ask, “Why don’t just Asian women date during their free time like everyone else?” They could, but despite this, there are plenty of women who choose to focus on their career first.

The Asian Work Ethic

One of the reasons why dating leaves are slowly emerging in Asian companies is because women are spending too much time at work. If you have worked in countries like China, Japan, or Korea, then you know exactly how hard employees work.

Most bosses expect a regular employee to complete everything within the set deadline. That may sound reasonable, but most deadlines are pretty tight. Overtime is expected from an employee. It’s common for them to stay longer in the office even though there’s no extra pay involved.

Now What?

Now that you know what dating leaves are and why it’s needed, you should be taking advantage of the situation. If you’re into dating Asian women, you can expect more of them to try non-conventional ways to meet people, like dating online.

Choose a dating site and complete your profile. Engage with members in a respectful way, and be brave enough to ask out the person you’re interested in to meet in real life. For more online dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.