The Magic Phrase That Smart Men Use In Arguments

Have you ever wished that you could win one argument with your Asian girlfriend? It’s no surprise that you feel this way because, most of the time, Asian or not, the women in our lives build up a strong case that will make us see the error in our ways. We at agree that there’s no use to arguing with something who already has their facts straight, so what men need to do instead is handle the situation and disperse the argument with one magic phrase. The Magic Phrase That Wins Arguments | AsianDate Say This To Win An Argument With Your Asian Girl

Based on a research done by the University of California, Berkeley, fights or arguments are easily defused when you show your partner that you understand where they are coming from. It’s not as simple as understanding the situation because you actually have to get, with every trace of your being, how the other person feels and how the other person perceives the situation.

The study was made with a test group of couples who were instructed to discuss the issue that have been plaguing their relationships. As expected, tension built up in the laboratory where the couples were. Those who felt that their partners did not understand them felt less satisfied with their relationships, but those who felt that their partners understood where they were coming from felt more satisfied.

The Magic Phrase

As you may have guessed, the phrase that is highlighting in this post is “I understand”. But you need to remember a couple of things before you blurt out this phrase in the middle of your fight:

  1. You have to mean it. Empty words will never resolve your relationship conflict.
  2. You have to show it. Show your partner that you mean it through your actions, not just words.
  3. You have to keep calm. Women, sometimes, have a hard time dealing with their emotions. If she’s fire, then you need to be water.

Relationships are never easy, but if you know simple tips, like the one you just read on this post, it’s much easier to handle difficult situations that could potentially break up the partnership. We hope that this has helped you tremendously. Check out more posts from our blog here.