Reveals Trends That Need To Die in 2017

We saw and experienced plenty of dating trends this year. There was the boom of dating apps which will probably carry into the next year. But, there are a couple of negative trends that we all just need to leave behind. Do you remember new online dating expressions popping up? Reveals Trends That Need To Die in 2017
These negative trends need to stay in 2016. These Trends Are So Over

Our vocabularies were definitely enriched this year, but not in a good way. Online daters decided to name negative experiences that many have gone through, and these are the trends that we need to say goodbye to.

Goodbye Ghosting

Are you familiar with what ghosting is? It’s an online dating term that means a person you’ve been chatting or talking to suddenly disappears into thin air. This dating trend has to stop because it leaves people hanging. For this trend to vanish, people need to be brave enough to let the person they’re dating know if the relationship is over.

Goodbye Benching

Does “benching” sound like a basketball term? Well, it sort of is. You’ll know when you’ve been benched when the person you’re dating only seems to contact you when they need something. When they’re ok or have no problems, they are nowhere to be found. Some online daters need to deal with their dependency before the year ends.

Goodbye Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing is similar to ghosting and benching but with a slight difference. Breadcrumbing is when your online date gives you tiny crumbs of interest, so you stick around.

They keep baiting you with little gestures of kindness or words of flattery, but the commitment part of your so-called relationship is not clearly defined. Again, this trend can be solved with honesty. If a person is honest enough about what he or she feels, breadcrumbing would not exist.

Goodbye Hoovering

Do you have an Ex who’s always sweet talking you into getting back together even though you’ve already moved on? Well, you’re being hoovered. This can be very annoying because hoovering always seems to happen right after you feel like you’ve gotten over your former love. The feeling can tear you apart and leave you confused. hasn’t even scratched the surface with negative trends that happened this year, but it’s certain that all of these negative online dating trends need to stay in 2016. For more dating advice, check out other posts on our blog, and don’t forget to visit to meet pretty Asian ladies who are looking for a companion on New Year’s Eve.