Suggestion: Stop The Vicious Cycle Of ON And OFF Relationships

You know how the story goes – boy meets girl. They both fall in love. They’re both blissfully happy until they find out that things are not as perfect as they thought. The relationship becomes rocky, and then they break up. For most of us, the story ends here, but some couples prolong the inevitable by getting back together again, and then breaking up. The cycle continues, finds out. How To Avoid The MakeUp-BreakUp Cycle

We may not have similar stories, but those who are familiar with the makeup-breakup cycle know that it’s confusing and tiring. Psychology Today calls this “relationship cycling“, which can have plenty of adverse effects on the people involved. Talks About Negative Effects Of Relationship Cycling

Married or long-time couples who had experienced relationship cycling, at some point in their relationship, are more unsure about being together in the future. They’re also less satisfied in their relationships when compared to other couples. No one wants this to happen to their current or future relationship so it’s a must to break the loop. There are ways to stop the vicious on-again-off-again cycle:

1. Be aware of signs that tell you your relationship is going downhill – again.

If you want to avoid relationship cycling, you have to identify the state of your relationship. Watch out for signs that tell you your relationship is on a downward spiral.

2. Look for other solutions, like negotiation and compromise.

When you’ve identified that your relationship is, again, becoming rocky, you have to determine how you can fix this. Breaking up should not be one of your solutions. Learn how to negotiate or compromise so the relationship can remain intact.

3. Find ways to move forward.

You’ve identified that your relationship is rocky, both of you have learned how to negotiate and compromise, now you have to find out how to move forward. Moving forward doesn’t mean that you get married, or live together. Moving forward means that you improve your communication, you actively listen, and you support each other. Going through these steps suggested by can be difficult, but all kinds of relationships need work to last long. Remember that only one person doing the work will not give you the results you want. Learn how to work together as a couple so that you can stay together longer and stronger. For more dating and relationship advice, see other posts on our blog.