AsianDate: Your Facial Hair Can Help You Get Married, Believe It Or Not

So what do beards have to do with getting married? Apparently, based on a scientific study that AsianDate has come across, it can better your chances of landing long-term relationships, and, eventually, getting married. Beards tell the opposite sex that you are marriage material.

AsianDate: How Beards Can Help You Get Married

AsianDate: Beards Make Men Look Marriage-Worthy

Forget about being cleanly shaven because scruffy and bearded is the way to go based on a research study led by Barnaby Dixson. The study is published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. The research involved asking 8,520 women to rate men, both with facial hair and without, based on attractiveness and the capacity for relationship longevity.

The results showed that 100%, all of the 8,520 women involved in the research had a preference for facial hair. Men with thick beards were rated highest for marriage, those with little facial hair, a bit of scruff, or no facial hair at all, were rated as men suited for casual relationships.

How Can This Be?

There is a very good explanation for this. Science says woman prefer men with something in between a masculine face and a feminine face. If a face of a gentleman is too masculine – prominent jawline, strong facial features, he is viewed as an unreliable suitor or a suitor who is only fit for short-term relationships. On the other hand, men with feminine facial features can be attractive to women, but maybe too attractive. A beard will do the trick in masking your masculine features or balancing out your feminine ones.

In Conclusion

So, to sum it all up, if you want to look for a partner who is interested in short-term, whirlwind romances, shave all of your facial hair off to better your chances of meeting one. But, if it’s the serious stuff you’re looking for, grow your facial hair out so you can attract ladies who want a serious relationship or ladies looking to meet someone for marriage.

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