AsianDate Has Conducted a Travel Survey that Reveals Dream Destinations of Asian Singles

The latest survey about the dream travel destinations of Asian members has turned out quite interesting. The popular online dating portal often discusses travel and aims to help members find their ideal Asian online partner from the other side of the world. AsianDate is sharing the details of this survey, to further help members get to know each other better.

According to AsianDate, the most loved continent Asian singles love Maldivesto visit for a holiday is Europe. Inside Europe, the dream location for romantic getaways is the one and only Paris, France. Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark were also very high on the list of favourite dream spots to visit while in Europe.

The second location on the list favoured by AsianDate members came as a surprise. The survey shows that this dream destination is none other than the place where their soulmate is from. This is a clear sign that love reigns supreme for AsianDate singles and everything else is irrelevant.

As another surprise – the United States landed on the third spot. There is a AsianDatemarked preference for famous cities like New York, Hawaii and Las Vegas. It seems as if combining sightseeing and romance in a remarkable atmosphere is appealing to AsianDate’s members.

The number four dream destination for the members is Asia – members love to have romantic adventures close to home. Asian countries are popular with most everyone. They are known for scenic beauty and historic importance. There is a huge number of destinations that are absolutely perfect for a great time. Places like Tibet, Hong Kong, Japan and Maldives are high on the list.

AsianDate offers their member base a variety of excellent online dating services through which they can share their holiday ideas and experiences. The list features services such as Live Chat, Correspondence and CamShare among other popular ones.

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