AsianDate: Overanalyzing Is Killing Your Relationship, Stop Doing It

People in a relationship often tend to overanalyze things because of fear. Fear can really be crippling so even simple words become too complicated to utter and simple actions are too difficult to do. Overanalyzing things can also become paralyzing – stopping you from enjoying a fulfilling relationship. To put it simply, we need to stop this bad habits of ours, and AsianDate has the solution.

AsianDate - Its Best To Stop Over-Analyzing These Things In Your Relationship

AsianDate: Don’t Think About These Situations Too Hard

At AsianDate, we believe in keeping a keen eye on details to make a date or a relationship work. However, you have to remember that there should be a line drawn somewhere. There are a lot of things that we are overanalyzing when we are dating or in a relationship that should not be. Listed below are some of them:

1. Saying, “I like you.”

If you have been seeing each other for awhile, there’s nothing wrong with saying “I like you” to the other person. You are just being honest. For all you know, your date may also be contemplating saying it, but is also just too chicken to do it. If you feel like it’s time to say “I like you” or even “I love you”, then say it with confidence. If a person isn’t into you, then at least you know and you can depart and move on.

2. Telling Your Preferences

We live in a democratic society but it doesn’t seem to apply in relationships. If you are still getting to know each other, couples are tiptoeing, wondering if their preferences would delight or be a turn off to their date. But in reality, there is really nothing wrong with expressing the things you like and don’t like. Discussing what you can possibly do to reach an agreement is the best route.

3. Canceling Plans

Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we plan, so we end up canceling our date. Like if there’s a work or family emergency, for example. It is totally fine to cancel. Your date will surely understand. If he or she doesn’t, then maybe it’s best to make a decision if you want to continue dating. The other person might not be a good match for you if there is a lack of understanding.

The same is true when you date online. If you can’t log on because you have work or are tired from working all day, then there’s nothing wrong with being honest about it to your online companion.

Relationships can actually be simple if we don’t overanalyze things. A lot of times, it’s really just simple. Cast aside the fear and you will live more freely. For other tips on dating, read the rest of AsianDate’s blog.