AsianDate Reveals Things Women Wouldn’t Share With Their Partners

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, you expect them to be honest and share everything with you. But, is this really the case? In reality, there are certain things women wouldn’t tell their partners, and AsianDate is here to offer you valuable insight.

Asiandate tells you the things she won't.
AsianDate offers insight into the secrets women don’t share with their partners.

AsianDate Tells You What Your Girlfriend Never Will

Despite our belief that (as a general rule) honesty is the best policy, there are some things that may be better left unsaid in a relationship.  In any case, there is no harm in bearing them in mind anyway.

#1 Her past partners. Most women are too reluctant to talk about their past relationships and experiences for fear of being criticized for either having too much or too little experience. However, you need to ask yourself: do you really want to know that much about her past? What good will it do to learn details about her high school boyfriend or even her ex-husband?

#2 Her deepest insecurities. Sure, she might talk about the few pounds she’s put on during the Easter holidays, or that wrinkle only she can see but don’t expect her to tell you that she’s afraid she will make an awful mother or that you will one day fall out of love with her. For some reason, it seems that putting these fears into words will make them come true.

#3 The fact she likes it when you remind her of her dad. Even if she says she doesn’t, most women go out looking for a guy who’ll be as loving and protective as their father. Every time she tells you “OMG, you’re acting like my father”, she is secretly enjoying it.

#4 That she wants more compliments. Especially in long-term relationships, women need to feel desired and be reassured of their amazingness frequently. Despite what you might think, the fact you are with them does not in itself suffice. They won’t beg for your attention, as this is seen as pathetic, though – you need to give it freely.

#5 How she envies her friends who have it all under control. Of course, there is no one who has it all in check, but women tend to be quite competitive, even with their loved ones. They will never tell you that they are jealous of another woman for her multitasking skills or the harmony she has achieved in her relationship because they hate to look weak, of course. However, word to the wise, don’t ever compare your lady to another woman.

As we know, women are complicated creatures. But AsianDate believes that knowing these things will help you have a better understanding of some of their silences or moments of hesitation and improve your communication with them.

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