AsianDate: How To Tell If She Genuinely Loves You Or Stringing You Along

Sometimes when a relationship ends, we slowly begin to realize the red flags, the telltale signs that should have warned us about the person we used to love and her intentions for us. However, it’s usually a little too late when that happens, as we are already hurt and there’s really not much to do anymore.  AsianDate helps you read these signs immediately.

AsianDate helps you distinguish between a player and someone who is seriously in love.
You can tell when a girl is genuinely into you.

AsianDate: This Is How You’ll Know If She’s Serious About You

Instead of regretting things, it’s better to save yourself the heartache by looking for the following behaviors that can show you if she’s being serious about your relationship or if she’s just keeping you around until someone else comes along.

First of all, a woman who’s genuinely in love with you will be proud of you and she’ll want to make you a part of her world. She will introduce you to her friends and family and will actively try to make her people accept you as one of them. A woman who is not seriously into a guy will not bother to open her world to him because she knows their time together will be limited anyway.

Secondly, if she genuinely loves you, she will make you feel like you’re her number one priority at all times. If she’s just stringing you along, you will most probably notice how she is putting other things before you. She may cancel your date for something else; she may neglect you or generally make you feel you’re in the back seat of her life. Take these signs seriously, don’t ignore them.

A third sign that your girl is serious about your relationship is that she will not be afraid to make plans for your common future. When a girl sees her life with a certain partner, she will daydream about the things they can do together and she’ll want to talk about these things with him. A woman who’s unsure of the way she feels will avoid making plans and promises and will most probably not waste time talking about these things, giving the impression (or excuse) that she prefers to live for the moment, instead.

And finally, if your girl has real feelings for you, she won’t be around you just for the good times, the nights out and the summer holidays. When we love someone, we want to be by their side even in their darkest, saddest moments. She will be there to comfort you, offer a shoulder to cry on if you need it and care about your feelings and thoughts every day, even over the most mundane things.

All in all, here at AsianDate we believe in taking your love life in your hands and having no regrets about things. We also feel that everyone deserves to experience the beauty of genuine love, so it’s important to choose your partner carefully.