Avoid Doing These Things During Your First Month Of Dating

The first month of dating is the sweetest and the happiest time. It is more commonly known as the honeymoon phase. However, in our excitement, we can sometimes make blunders that could cost the relationship. These blunders, we need to avoid at all costs even if we are excited to do them.

Avoid Doing These Things During Your First Month Of Dating | Asian Date

The Don’ts Of The First Month Of Dating

Extend the happy moments of the first month of dating. Don’t cut it short because of the following things we commonly do because we feel overly excited and ecstatic about our new relationship:

1. Make plans for the future.

Yes, you are excited because you seemed to have found your potential life-long mate. But, keep your enthusiasm for the future at a minimum. At this point in your dating, you are still seeing everything through pink-colored lenses. So hold off on mentioning future plans.

2. Shelf The “L” Word

You may be very comfortable with each other already. You seem to have the same philosophies about certain issues. And, you have agreed to disagree. Everything seems to be going the way you want them to. However, remember that “love” may not be the right word to exchange right now. You may find yourself falling in love, but saying that you love the other person might be a turn off early on in the relationship.

3. Make introductions to the whole family.

This is really a big step, bringing your new date to a family gathering. Your date would certainly feel overwhelmed and even if you haven’t talked about the future yet, this would certainly feel like it. If you bring your partner to a family affair as a surprise, you will surely get awkward.

4. Buying something together.

Splitting meal expenses is fine. But, buying a dog or a piece of furniture during your first month of dating is not. While you are both so into it, purchasing shared things may not be a good idea. You are just in your first month together and it’s hard to tell what will happen in six months or a year.

5. Ask For Money

The money issue is a sensitive topic among couples, even those who have been together for quite some time. Please don’t ask for money from your date. It’s just plain tasteless.

6. Show Up At Work

During the first month, your date might not even be telling others about you. Showing up at his or her office may not be a welcome surprise. Respect each other’s space.

Get to know more about each other first before doing anything that may take things to another level early on. Wait until the right moment to bring up sensitive matters. Enjoy your first month of dating, without stress by following the given tips. For more posts like this, read the rest of the blog.