Avoid The Awkward Silence During A Date With These Dating Topics

When you’re on a date, it’s a must for you to avoid awkward silences. Aside from these moments being uncomfortable, awkward silences can make your date think that you’re not very good at carrying a conversation or that you may not have a lot in common because you don’t have anything to talk about. Whatever the case, awkward silences simply leave a bad impression during dates, so we are here to help with these perfect dating topics.

Dating Topics
Do you want to avoid awkward silences during dates?

Dating Topics To Reach For When You’ve Run Out Of Things To Say

To avoid this, you must have a stash of dating topics that you can access when you feel that the awkward silence is about to show up right in the middle of your date. Take note of the following dating topics:

1. Countries You’ve Visited Or Lived In

Let’s start with something simple yet interesting – talk about the places you’ve been to. You can also talk about the places you’ve lived in. Everyone finds travelers fascinating so why not wow your date with your knowledge of the Cambodian temples you’ve visited, or secret places to eat in New York you’ve discovered yourself. It is these kinds of topics that will make your date want to know more about you.

2. Pets

Everyone loves animals. By mentioning that you do, you’re probably giving your date an excuse to talk about his or her pet. If you also have a pet that you’re totally in love with, you can stretch this topic until your conversation snow balls to something else.

3. Work Complaints

Surprisingly, work complaints make great conversations. Of course, it’s mandatory for you not to be too negative about it. But, you’ll be surprised at how eager your date may be about airing out his or her own complaints with work, work colleagues, and terrible bosses.

4. Your Childhood

Please remember that you’re date is not a therapy session, so you have to stick to general stuff about your childhood – your hometown, the sport you played when you were a kid, and the like. You can also talk about funny stories you have about your high school days.

Make sure that you keep these dating topics in mind even before your date begins. Meeting someone and getting to know them can be intimidating, but you can prepare for situations, so you and your date have the best possible experience when together.

We hope that this will help you. We have more dating tips for you on our blog so make sure you check out other posts. Also, don’t forget to visit AsianDate to meet beautiful women from Asia.