This Is What You Must Do To Avoid Toxic Conflicts

In dating and relationships, did you know that there is such a thing as a productive conflict? Yes, it sounds ironic, but it’s the kind of conflict that brings about positive change to a partnership when the right solution is given. On the other hand, however, we also have something called toxic conflicts and they’re something that can rot your relationship from the inside out.

This Is What You Must Do To Avoid Toxic Conflicts | Asian Date

Toxic Conflicts Usually Start Off Small

The worst thing about toxic conflicts is that they usually start small. For example, your girlfriend may be asking about a particular social media friend who always likes or comments on your photos. This issue could blow up to a full argument when you don’t resolve it quickly. To avoid this kind of argument, you have to:

1. Understand The Difference

You have to understand the difference between the two kinds of conflict mentioned. Commonly, you will know if your argument is toxic because it is prolonged over a period of time. No one, or only one person, is willing to give it the right solution.

2. Know When You’re Being Toxic

We can’t just change overnight, so it’s possible for you to exhibit toxic behaviors that provoke our partner into reacting negatively. You have to know when you’re doing this so you can stop yourself. You definitely have to practice awareness and conciousness.

3. Combined Effort

Talk to your partner because you cannot do this alone. If your partner is not on board, then all of the effort might just be coming from you which is not enough. Both of you have to patrol each other and come up with an approach that allows you to give each other constructive feedback when a negative behavior is shown.

Old habits die hard, as they say. And, it is true. However, if you and your partner work hard and stick to your promise of not allowing any toxic conflicts from arising in the near future, you will have a better relationship that’s filled with love and support. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.