Bad Dating Habits That Are Actually Not A Big Deal

When it comes to bad dating habits, there are plenty that we shun with the utmost gusto. Despite this, we need to remember that we need to lighten up on some of them because they are actually not that big of a deal. So which bad dating habits are actually harmless?

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Bad Dating Habits That Turn Out To Be Harmless

Believe it or not, we don’t have to make a big mountain out of a hill with the following bad dating habits that we thought were grievous offenses:

1. Talking about the future (marriage and children).

We were always told that we shouldn’t bring up this subject with our partner because he or she might bolt at the sound of “marriage and children.” However, we eventually need to talk about it especially if we are considering a future with the person we’re with.

2. Send two chat messages consecutively.

When you’re online dating and you find someone who truly catches your fancy, it is not a sign of desperation if you send two chat messages consecutively. The same goes for texting. If you’re interested in a person, it is perfectly fine to send chat or text messages constantly.

3. Taking The Lead

This one is specifically for females. Whenever the woman in the relationship takes the lead, some people would say that it isn’t a good idea. The woman taking the lead might just scare the man off. This notion is more than ancient. Yes, some men are a bit threatened by a woman who knows how to take charge, but there’s nothing wrong with a woman who shows that she can be independent.

4. Dating Multiple People At The Same Time

There has been plenty of questions about this. Would it be ok to date more than one person at the same time? The answer is yes. For example, when you’re dating online, it is perfectly fine to chat with five people and be attracted to them. In real life, it is the same thing. The main point to remember is honesty. You need to be upfront to the people you are seeing so they won’t be caught off guard.

Now that you know these bad dating habits are actually permissible, maybe you can be more open-minded about other dating habits you thought were detrimental. For more dating tips, make sure you check the rest of the blog.