Base Your Next First Date On This And You Can’t Go Wrong

Everything has to be perfect when we go on a fist meeting with someone new. Everything has to go according to plan because, in our mind, we need the best first meeting so we can set the mood for the second, third, and fourth one. The problem is, we can’t always control how our get-together goes. But, will statistics help us improve the next first date we go on without a hitch?

Statistics That Will Help You On Your Next First Date | Asian Date
Everything has to be perfect when we go on a fist date with someone new.

How Can Statistics Help You On Your Next First Date

A study was conducted on people who were practicing online dating. There were 231 male and 221 female participants. Specific questions were given to them to know more about their thoughts on first dates. These are the results that researchers came up with based on the data they’ve gather:

Women Prefer Men Ask Them Out

Let’s start from the beginning. Before a meeting can happen, someone has to initiate it. Although we live in modern times, a majority of women still believe that the men have to be the ones asking out. In the study, 67% of women believe in this premise. On the topic of whether it is OK for either gender to take the lead, 71% of male participants seem to think that it is.

The Lesson: Make your next first date better by taking the lead.

Factors That Make A Bad First Date

Another question that was asked of the participants is about factors that could make the first date go sour. The top answer, which 59% of the participants answered, was being stood up. That was followed by 27% of the participants who thought conversations not being fluid and natural can ruin a first date. The rest of the results are as follows:

  • 9% – their prospect is not attractive
  • 5% – their prospect doesn’t find them attractive

The Lesson: Do not underestimate the power of a great conversation.

What’s Most Important

Next, participants were asked about what they valued most when on first dates. Males valued physical attraction most, while females valued quality conversations. Then the table turns. The second factor that males valued most was quality conversations, while, for the females, it was the physical attraction. The rest of the results are as follows:

  • Common interests – 3rd most important to both genders
  • Humour – 4th most important to both genders
  • Intellect – 5th for both genders
  • Life goals – 6th for both genders

The Lesson: Dress up like you mean it and work on your conversational skills

You cannot beat information like this, so the next time you go on your next first date, make sure that you already have the suggestions or lessons practised. We have more interesting posts that can help you in your dating life. Visit the rest of the blog to read more.