Do You Have These Behaviors That Attract Women?

If you think that Asian women are easily impressed by a man showing off his material possessions, you are wrong. There are so much more other behaviors that attract women. Having the ability to provide for a lady is not that big of a deal especially in these times. Women can provide for themselves.

Do You Have These Behaviors That Attract Women? | Asian Date

Unexpected Manly Behaviors That Attract Women

When you think of what women consider as attractive, you’re probably going to think first about appearance. Please know that this is a common misconception. Women care less about what a man looks like. They are more attracted to the following behaviors:


A lot of people say that chivalry is dead. They may be right and you should take this as an advantage. If you are naturally polite and you always put others’ needs first, then show it to the person you’re dating. Chivalry is a rare trait which makes it sought after by the ladies.

Paying Attention

When you are interacting with a woman, one of the most important things that you can do is pay attention. She will know through your body language. This means that you have to maintain eye contact, put your phone away, listen, and ask questions about the topic you’re talking about.

Taking Initiative

You have to be more aware about the situation. You’re going to need to read it accurately so you can take initiative. Make the first move, be flirty, ask her out if you think that the spark is present. Don’t take too long or else she’s going to think that you’re not into her.

Cultivate These Behaviors That Attract Women

Do you think you innately have these behaviors that attract women? If not, then you have the chance to work on yourself. As you are dating, you have to realize the value of self-improvement. Work on yourself not just to impress the ladies, but also to be a better person. For more tips on self-improvement and dating, read other posts on the blog.