Being Flirty VS Being Friendly: Know The Difference

Being flirty and being friendly are two very different things, but most of us, often, cannot tell one from the other. We might mistake friendliness with flirting, which is just downright presumptuous and slightly narcissistic. But, there’s also the chance that the person looking in our direction might actually be flirting with us to get our attention. That’s practically a missed opportunity for a potential date.

Being Flirty VS Being Friendly: Know The Difference | AsianDate
We might mistake friendliness as flirting, which is just downright presumptuous and slightly narcissistic.

Tell The Difference Between Being Flirty And Friendly

We don’t want to be presumptuous nor do we want to miss the opportunity for a potential date so, for today’s post, let’s take a closer look at the differences between being flirty and simply being friendly:

Frequent Instance VS A One Time Thing

The first difference on our list is the frequency. If you notice a person glancing at you pretty often, this person is, most likely, flirting. If the action is friendly, this person would have done it just once or twice. But, if it’s more than that, you have to see if there are other signs of flirting.

Eye Contact: Long VS Short

A lot of dating experts say that you have to look at your date in the eye when you’re having a conversation. Eye contact establishes a connection with a person, especially when on dates or when trying to flirt. So, if the eye contact is brief, you can classify it as being friendly. However, if the eye contact lasts more than three seconds, this person might want you to approach or vice versa.

Long Eye Contact + A Gesture

Lastly, we can say that a person is being flirty if his or her gestures are accompanied by a hair flip, an eye wink, or a mischievous smile. These gestures are also called body language cues.  There are more cues, of course, but basic ones involve:

  • Slightly opening the mouth
  • Pointing the knee in your direction
  • Slowly crossing and uncrossing the legs

What To Do Next When Someone Is Being Flirty

The next move will depend on the situation. It’s possible that the person flirting with you will make his or her move first. Or, he or she may wait for you to make yours. It really depends on the mood and the atmosphere. If you feel confident about approaching the person, take a chance. The meeting could turn into a date, and then into a potential long-term relationship. Wouldn’t you want to take a chance on that?

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