Are You Being Taken Advantage Of In Your Relationship?

In every romantic relationship, two people must work together. There has to be an equal amount of effort put by both parties so the relationship has the best chance of success. However, not everyone will be sincere enough to do this. There are those who are being taken advantage of, not noticing that the person they are with is being very selfish.

Are You Being Taken Advantage Of In Your Relationship? | Asian Date

Being Taken Advantage Of In A Relationship Is Preventable

Do you know why there are people who are being taken advantage of? It’s because they allow people to do so. They do anything and everything for the person they are with. Their efforts are not reciprocated, but still, they continue. Are you one of them? Here are some signs that say you are:

No Thank You

Have you ever heard a thank you from your partner or the person you are dating? If yes, then that’s good. He or she has to say thank you to you often. If it’s just once in a blue moon, it doesn’t count. It is still a red flag. The person may just be feeding off of your generosity.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

When was the last time that your partner asked your opinion on something and actually considered it? Can you remember? If not, it may be because he or she has never done it at all. Not asking your significant other’s opinion is a bit strange because you should be sharing your life and your worries with each other.

They Use Guilt To Manipulate You

If you spot one or all of these signs, you have to do something about it. Ask yourself if the person is worth all your effort. You may say yes right now, but in the long run, you are going to feel unloved. You don’t want to find yourself feeling that the love you’re giving is unrequited. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.