Best Advice For Avoiding Online Dating Scams

Online dating has gained enormous popularity over the past decade. No longer is it seen as a playing field for those who cannot get a date offline. With the growth of its popularity, a lot of online dating sites have emerged, and not all of them have people’s best interests in mind. Online dating scams have become a bit of a concern, and the best sites are doing what they can to tackle the issue. In this article, we are going to take a look at what is the best advice for steering clear of online dating scams.

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Online Dating Scams Can Be Avoided, This Is How

1. Going for Money

By far the most common way scammers try to take advantage of people who are serious about online dating is trying to get close to someone and manipulating with their emotions. The emotion most played at is empathy – scammers will be telling you a serious of sob stories about how much in (usually financial) trouble they are in and that you are the only person on Earth that can help them. The moment someone asks you for money when you are online dating – report them to the site’s customer service. Different portals have different anti-scam policies but most of the time this behavior will get the person banned for good.

2. Fake Profiles

When you start talking to someone online, it is important that you get to verify that they are who they say they are. The best online dating sites have good methods in place that catch most of the people creating phony sites, but occasionally some may get past the system. If you are talking to someone who refuses to clarify that their profile and their person is authentic, then it is a cause for concern. Scammers often use other people’s pictures and information to lure unsuspecting online daters into their web of deception.

3. Offline Too Fast

When someone is anxious to meet you off the web right away and keeps asking for personal information like where exactly you work or live, then it is possible you are dealing with a potential identity theft. If you feel like you want to meet someone offline, make sure your first dates are in a public place like a restaurant or the movies. Also, never share too much personal data with someone you have only just met online.

Staying Safe

These are some of the most helpful tips for staying away from online dating scammers. Be cautious and don’t jump head into anything when dating online.

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