Your Best Friend Could Be A Relationship Hazard, Survey Says

It’s understandable for us men to hang out with our best bros for long periods of time. When we are in the company of other men, we can truly let loose and just be guys doing guy stuff we can’t normally do when we are with our ladies. However, no matter how fun a boys night may sound, a recent study revealed that our best bro-friends could actually pose a relationship hazard.

Your Best Bro Friend Could Be A Relationship Hazard, Survey Says | Asian Date

Why Brotherly Friendships Are A Relationship Hazard

Hanging out with the boys can be a very positive experience for men because the environment in this kind of situation is judgment-free. Whether we believe it or not, when men who are amongst men, they feel a certain degree of emotional freedom. Adam White, a lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire in Britain found out that strong male friendships often performed a similar or even superior function to romantic relationships.

Hanging out with the boys can be a relationship hazard because it could possibly replace a romantic relationship in the life of a man. Of course, there are certain things in a heterosexual relationship that the bro-bond cannot replace, such as physical intimacy. But if the study is accurate, men might get their emotional sustenance from their close group of friends instead of their partners.

How To Balance Your Time Between Your Bros And Your Lady

Now that you know the reason behind your pals being relationship hazards, it’s time for you to balance your efforts. Keeping in contact with your boys is not at all a bad thing, but you need to put an equal or even greater effort into the relationship that you currently have if you want it to last.

You can have one night with the guys, but make sure that you have the rest of the week with your significant other. This isn’t to say that you cannot hang out with your guy friends entirely. You just need to learn to balance your time better.

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