The Best Love Advice We Got From 2017

In your opinion, what has been the best love advice that you were given this year? Did it come from our blog? We hope so. The year is almost up and it’s time to get ourselves ready to hit the reset button. As we do, there are certain things that we should never forget about from 2017, and one of them is the love advice that has kept our dating life or relationship going.

The Best Love Advice We Got From 2017 | Asian Date

Love Advice You Should Bring With You To 2018

Today, we are going to list down some of the best love advice we’ve given to our readers. Some of the items on our list you may have already learned, but it’s still good to be reminded of these before the old year comes to an end:

Self-Acceptance Is Equal To Consciousness

This one is even older than 2017. Self-acceptance basically means self-love. So love yourself first before entering a relationship. It is when you love yourself that you develop a consciousness or awareness that will tell you exactly how to handle issues in your love life.

Infidelity Is Not The End Of A Relationship

This year, we’ve talked about when it would be ideal to let go of a cheating partner. On the other hand, we also shared some thoughts on how to identify if your relationship is salvageable. From these posts, we learned that it’s possible for a relationship to survive and even thrive after an incident of cheating.

There Is A Right Way To Fight

Who would have ever thought that there was a right way to fight with your partner? It turns out that we can only control ourselves during an argument, but we can act in a certain way to stir things in a more productive direction.

Our Mind Is As Important As The Body

Our mental and emotional well being is as important as our physical health. Relationship-wise, when you get to a point where you can no longer handle situations on your own, don’t hesitate to go for couple’s counseling. The stigma that came with attending a session may have, hopefully, diminished as you think about dealing with your emotions and mental health.

Which love advice have you followed throughout 2017? Share this post with friends and family who might find this useful. For more updates on dating, check out the rest of our blog.