The Best Way To Get Over Your Fear Of Commitment

We all have something that we fear in our lives. For some, it’s insects and creepy crawlers like spiders. For others, it is the fear of not being successful enough. And, probably, for most, it is the fear of commitment. The first two examples of common fears can be dealt with accordingly, but if you have the last one (fear of commitment), you might have to put in a bit more effort to get over this fear.

The Best Way To Get Over Your Fear Of Commitment | Asian Date

How Will You Know If You Have A Fear Of Commitment?

First, we have to put things into perspective. Commitment-phobes (people who have a fear of committing) do not hate relationships. On the contrary, they can be very happy in relationships. The problem is that they may not be ready and willing to give up their freedom.

Most commitment-phobes feel like they are trapped whenever they are in a relationship that could potentially end up in marriage. These types of folks like everything as they are. From their jobs to their friends, to the freedom they have for doing whatever they want, they don’t want to let go of these.

The Root Cause Of The Phobia

According to most experts, the fear of commitment stems from our belief that we are responsible for our partner’s feelings rather than for our own. We don’t want to hurt them because of our decisions and behavior. This seems like a legitimate worry but those who have commitment issues compromise their freedom in the early stages of the relationship because they like the person. These small sacrifices accumulate and that’s the cause of their feeling of being trapped.

The Solution

The solution to our fear of commitment is acceptance. We need to accept that we can only be responsible for our own feelings. We need to accept that we will, eventually, hurt the person we are with because we will make mistakes. We are human after all.

It may take a while for those who have a fear of commitment to consolidate their feelings and gain total acceptance. But, it’s not impossible to do. Seek professional help if needed. For more tips on how to handle relationships, read more from our blog.