Biggest Deal Breakers When You Are Dating Asian Millennials

Dating Asian millennials can be complicated if you’re not a millennial yourself. Aside from the tech culture that has risen from the particular age group, millennials are more aware, informed and conscious about everything that happens around them, including global issues.

Asian Date | What's The Biggest Deal Breaker When Dating Asian Millennials?

Dating Asian Millennials: #1 Turn-Off, Survey Says

So what does that mean for you if an Asian millennial is more in tune with the community and global issues? That’s a good question! If you’re not as aware and in tune as a millennial, it’s possible that you do something or say something that can be a major deal breaker.

Traditional Asian Thinking

Most Asian dating blogs will tell you that Asia still has a rigid view of gender roles that simply will not budge. That’s true, but today’s Asian society has accepted slight changes to the traditional perspective. Being a stay-at-home father, for example, is not as taboo as it was five years ago. This is relevant because you might be trapped in this traditional thinking yourself – that the Asian woman needs to stay in the house and take care of the kids.

Sapio Survey: Don’t Be Sexist

That is downright sexist, and that’s the #1 deal breaker for female millennials, according to Sapio’s survey.

Asian Date | Dating Asian Millenials
Source: Sapio

How To Avoid Being Sexist

As early as now, you should condition your mind to be more open about certain global issues. Sexism is just one of them. You don’t need to be a feminist to date an Asian millennial successfully, but you need to be more open-minded. The following tips should help you out:

  • Be more aware of your choice of words. One thing that annoys millennials so much is when a male describes a female as being bossy or aggressive. Women can be aggressive too because it is a human trait. Here are other words that you should avoid:
    • Moody
    • Crazy
    • Emotional
  • Easy on the gender roles. So the topic of gender roles was mentioned earlier. You should loosen up on traditional thinking unless you really believe in it. In that case – you shouldn’t be dating a millennial.

If your belief system differs vastly from the one of an Asian millennial, you should rethink who you want to date. But, if you can change your perspective and adopt one that’s more open and aware, you’ll have a lot in common with Asian millennials. For more tips on the Asian dating culture, check out more posts from our blog.