Be Careful Or You’ll Become A Victim Of Sneating

And once more, we have a new dating term. It’s called “sneating”. Sneaters are people who would just like to go out on a date in order to get a free meal. They were never interested in the other person at all, except getting them to foot the bill after ordering the most expensive items on the menu.

Sneating: Be Careful Or You'll Be A Victim | Asian Date

How To Tell If Your Date Is Sneating You

You will immediately identify a sneater once you are seated at the restaurant. Too bad that you cannot immediately know one when you are still chatting online or arranging the date. But at the onset, now that you know, you can already be wary about sneating so that you will not be victimized. Here are some signs to watch out for on your next date:

1. Insisting on the Venue

A sneater would insist on the venue of your date and it’s usually a restaurant (not to a movie, or a simple walk in the park). They know that the food there is expensive and they don’t really want to spend on a meal there. So they try to find someone that they can “sneat” on.

2. Not Appropriately Dressed

Since a sneater is just out for free food, they would not bother to prepare and dress up for a date. They are not there to impress, so they can be sloppy with their clothing and not care. After all, they would be facing their food most of the time.

3. General Rudeness

Your sneating date will exhibit a generally rude behavior. After all, they are not there to generate a good impression—just a good meal. Manners do not matter to them. You will probably get the cold shoulder – no eye contact, no meaningful verbal exchanges, and a date who keeps ordering more.

4. Orders Without Consideration

There may be people who are picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions so their diets can be pretty high-caliber. But a sneater just picks the most expensive items, just because they are not going to pay for it.

If you suspect that your date is a sneater, you can politely ask to split the bill. If not, you can pay for everything and just chalk up being a sneating victim, for the experience. But, others are more alert. They leave the restaurant without saying goodbye and without paying as well. For more tips on dating, check out other posts on our blog.