Do You Have The Case Of The Seasonal Dating Disorder?

Have you heard of the seasonal dating disorder before? It’s not that common, but this kind of dating is most prominent at the start of every season, hence the term seasonal. Basically, daters who are in this category change their dating tactics, goals and habits together with the shifting of the seasons. Do you think you may have this?

Do You Have The Case Of The Seasonal Dating Disorder | Asian Date

What You Need To Know About The Seasonal Dating Disorder

If you’re not sure, the easiest way to identify and define this disorder is through examples. Let’s paint a few scenarios as we state the symptoms to better understand seasonal dating:

1. You cannot bear to be alone during the holidays.

Whenever Christmas or New Year season comes, you make it your priority to find someone who can warm you up at night. The person you end up dating commonly doesn’t know that your relationship will be short-lived after the holiday season has passed, or until the new season (spring) has begun.

2. You find ways to let your partner break up with you.

Let’s say that spring is already here. What a seasonal dater does is deliberately make mistakes so his or her partner breaks up with him or her. Most seasonal daters feel like spring is a chance for new things, and that includes new relationships.

3. The idea of being single becomes more attractive.

Even before summer arrives, seasonal daters break up with the person they’re with to make some room. This particular season is seen as a chance to go gallivanting with other singles who are also looking for a short-term partnership.

4. The cycle is repeated (for three years, at least).

When summer ends, so do the flings. Seasonal daters commonly take breaks and just spend time with themselves during the fall. Well, that’s up until the holiday season starts all over again.

Being a seasonal dater is tiring. It is coined as a disorder because this type of habit is far from healthy. If you have identified yourself as a seasonal dater, it’s time for you to think about dealing with your issues with the help of a professional. Start by reading up on dating habits that are healthier!

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