How Your Chat Messages Can Ruin Your Dating Life

Chatting with a beautiful person online is a fun experience. If you say all the right things, your chats may even lead to a relationship. The problem is if you say all the wrong things instead of the right ones. More often than not, it’s the combination of the contents of our chat messages and how we chat that gets us into trouble.

How Your Chat Messages Can Ruin Your Dating Life | Asian Date

Our Online Dates Don’t Like It When We Send These Chat Messages

In this century, it’s no surprise that people are technologically savvy. With this savviness comes a set of unwritten etiquette that we must follow. Of course, if we are from another generation, we might not know what the decorum is with everything – chat messages, text, social media, video calling. This is why we need a bit of direction especially when we are hoping to date online successfully:

1. Replying to only one question in a chat message that contains several.

Let’s say that your date has already asked you several questions, but you only replied to one. This is beyond annoying. Even though you feel like the topic or question has passed, try your best to stick to what your date is asking.

2. Sending too many chat messages.

Sending too many chat messages can seem desperate. What you want to do is allow your date to reply first before sending out a new message. Be patient, don’t put out all your messages at once. Remember that it is not communication if you do most of the talking.

3. Taking too long to reply.

During your chats with your date or potential date, you have to reply at a timely manner. For example, let’s say you were chatting today then you replied the next day for some reason. No matter what your reason is, it won’t sit well with the person you were interacting with.

4. Pay attention to emojis you send.

Emojis are a great way to liven up chat messages. However, if you send the wrong ones, it can be a disaster. Each emoji has a meaning. For example, the heart and heart eyes emojis can be flirty. However, the eggplant, purple devil, and water droplets emoji can be offensive as they suggest physical contact.

These rules are very basic for today’s generation. Make sure that you follow them so you won’t turn your online date off. For more tips about online dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.