Choosing The Right Girl For A Rebound

Ok, choosing someone to be a girl for a rebound may not sound too positive. However, having a rebound person can benefit you in a number of ways. For one, the person can help distract you from a heartbreak. However, you need to find the right girl for the job. Not everyone is fit to be a rebound girl, you know.

Choosing The Right Girl For A Rebound | Asian Date

Characteristics Of The Right Girl For A Rebound

First of all, you shouldn’t consider a girl for a rebound if she is looking for a serious relationship. You need to be upfront with your intentions and a rebound girl should be OK with that because she’s open to having casual flings. Aside from this, below are other characteristics you should be looking for:

1. She should not be your type.

It’s likely that you just got out of a relationship. If you’re looking to distract yourself from your past, you should not find a rebound girl who is exactly your type. You don’t want to fall into another relationship just yet.

2. She won’t mind your lack of interest.

The main goal is for you to have fun together during dates. If you’re not on one, a good rebound girl will not feel down because you did not text her or contact her.

3. She needs to be fun.

Obviously, you need to have a good time when you are with her. Don’t choose someone that’s an introvert or someone who just wants to hang out at home. Find someone who always wants to go out and have all sorts of adventures.

4. She needs to have a spine.

A rebound girl does not sugar coat anything and everything for your convenience. She should have a spine and she should not be afraid to tell you off.

5. She has her own life.

A woman who is not preoccupied with her life will not be ideal as a rebound. You need a lady who likes to live her own life and be her own person. You need someone totally independent.

As mentioned, a girl for a rebound should be cool with your needs and your situation. She knows that she’s merely a rebound but she doesn’t mind because she may want the same thing. Transparency is the key. For more tips on dating, check out other posts on our blog.