Why These Classic Relationship Tips Will Never Work Today

The world has changed. As a result,  dating styles and relationship concepts have also evolved. However, this did not stop those from the older generation from passing on classic relationship tips to the younger generation of today. Some may still be gold, but others are just plain outdated – no longer relevant to our modern times.

Why These Classic Relationship Tips Will Never Work Today | Asian Date

5 Classic Relationship Tips That Are Already Outdated

We do appreciate what our elders pass on to us, mostly their advice in the department of the heart, but some are simply not applicable in today’s dating scene anymore. The advice may feel timeless, but we should all be informed, nonetheless. Below are a few examples of classic relationship tips that we shouldn’t follow anymore:

1. You will know the right person first time you see them.

Despite the notion portrayed in films and TV shows, there is no concrete evidence that say love and first sight will result in a lasting love. You may be attracted physically at first sight, but wanting to be in a serious relationship comes with knowing the other person some more.

2. Play hard to get when you are interested in someone.

Maybe three to five decades ago, women played hard to get, even if they are clearly interested in a guy. This practice stemmed from the perception that men are conquerors. They take pride in fighting for or working for their lady love. In present days, you may not have to act desperate, but you have to give the other person something that indicates your interest.

3. Put your best foot forward until you secure a marriage.

In the past, they have this period of courtship before marriage. The guy and the gal “behave” in a certain way—with manners and panache. This will continue until the wedding. When the marriage is sealed, they start showing their true colors that their spouse would wonder if they married the wrong person. This is certainly unacceptable in present times. Integrity is the key—wanting to be loved as we are.

4. Opposites attract.

It used to be a popular notion that people with different personalities and interests are attracted to each other. But, we are not magnets, we are people. We are now realizing that we dwell together best if we share more interests. That way, we can spend more time doing things together that we both like.

5. Online dating only leads you to liars and weirdos.

Non-personal dating was such a taboo before. But now we realize that we can find true and lasting love online. After all, you are using dating sites to meet more people, but you still get to spend more time with them in real life before fully committing yourself.

Now that you know these classic relationship tips, put yourself out there with the right advice in mind. Stay true to your nature and eventually, you will find somebody who you can spend the rest of your life with. For more tips, check out the rest of our blog.