The Real Reason Why Coming On Too Strong Is Annoying

There are people you meet who don’t seem to be doing wrong but you feel annoyed because they are coming on too strong. This is a situation that commonly happens when dating online since people don’t really know how they come off when chatting.

The Real Reason Why Coming On Too Strong Is Annoying | Asian Date

What It Means When Your Date Says You’re Coming On Too Strong

Coming on too strong may be explained by the “self-verification” theory. There is a discrepancy between the way people actually present themselves and the way others perceive them. The theory suggests that these people think they are just being friendly and sociable and they do not think that they are as annoying as you think they are.

1. Revealing Too Much

When you meet these people, they offer so much information. It could be about themselves or about you. But, they just have to talk. Maybe they think that talking is their way of connecting or communicating, so they keep uttering words. A lot of times, they make sense, it is just not information that you would want to hear.

2. Lack Of Tact

A lot of times, these things that they want to tell you are ways that you can improve yourself and your life. However, they just come on too strong and they can sometimes do it in a tactless manner. That is a major turn off, especially if you are still dating. Imagine a tactless guy giving a girl fashion advice on their first date. It’s a major embarrassment for the girl, especially if her looks is something that makes her uncomfortable or embarrassed.

3. Claiming To Be Right

These people have a strong sense of being right. And, since they are right, they can just say anything and expect people to accept their words.

4. Unsolicited Advice

And, because they are right, they feel that other people will benefit from their “advice”. So even if it’s unsolicited, they will keep on pouring information on you like your life depended on it.

You might not realize it but you are already coming on too strong on other people. Think about it. Are you dishing a lot of information on another person from the first minute? You might be giving out more than they can handle. Be more sensitive, as people might already be cringing when they are with you. For more tips on dating, read other posts on the blog.