Common Complaints Asian Girls Have About Their Boyfriends

If you’ve been with Asian girls before, you may already know that they need to feel your presence in their life as their boyfriend. This kind of relationship culture is unique to Asia. Though it sounds like Asian girls can be clingy, it’s actually just the desire for whoever they are with to show their affection outwardly.

Asian Date | Common Complaints Asian Girls Have With Their Boyfriends
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What Asian Girls Mostly Complain About When They Are In Relationships

This sounds like the total opposite of how women behave in countries that are outside Asia, but that’s how Asian women are. The more you show that you care, the better your relationship with them will be. You may have heard your Asian girlfriend tell you the following:

Not Texting Or Calling Often

Let’s be clear. Asian girls don’t want you to text or call every five minutes. They just want to hear from you within the day. Remember that the relationship culture of Asian females is different from others. The more you text and call, the more Asian girls feel you care.

Skipping On Holding Your Asian Girls’ Bags

If you are with your Asian girlfriend, chances are she’s always complaining about you not carrying her bag for her. Does this sound strange? Well, it’s cultural. If you’re in Asia, look around you. Do you often see boyfriends with handbags? This could mean that their girls have an aching shoulder, or are too tired to carry their bag. You have to be a gentleman about it and carry the bag for her.

Forgetting An Anniversary

The word anniversary should mean that a special day is celebrated once every year. To Asian women, however, your relationship’s anniversary could come every month or at the 100th day of your meeting. Do not forget about the date because you need to prepare something special for her. It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring. Chocolates, flowers or even just a love letter will do just fine.

These common complaints will be helpful to you because now you know how to avoid them. Just remember that the more you make your presence felt, the better. In Asian girls’ minds, if you like them, you’ll definitely show it. Need more Asian dating tips? Check out more posts on our blog.