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Advances in technology have greatly improved the chances of finding love online. Back in the day people had to write long letters and send them via snail mail. Next we moved to writing emails and sending them to the inbox of our love interest, and now instant messaging has come along coupled with video calls that make online communication effortless.

On top of the mentioned methods of finding love, we can now add mobility AsianDate lady Anjie from Chinaand convenience to the list all thanks to AsianDate’s mobile dating app. Picture having the change to connect with Asian women on your smartphone, anywhere at any time.

AsianDate’s Mobile Dating App

If you are already signed up to the web version of AsianDate, then you may be interested in learning that there is very little difference when it comes to the interface. The design has been made more compact so it would be more accessible on smartphones but the features remain available:

SEARCH – allows members to run a search for single women from various countries.
LADIE’S PROFILES – allows members to have a look at the ladies’ profiles, images and introductions.
MESSAGING – allows sending messages, pictures and emails.
LIVE CHAT – a way of communication where members are able to exchange messages in real time.
VIDEO CHAT – a feature much like the CamShare service on AsianDate’s desktop version.
PHONECALL – a way of communicating over the phone.


This mobile dating app can be downloaded on Android services and iPhones. Look for the app in Google Play or the App Store to find and download the application. In order for the app to work properly you need your mobile phone to have its latest software version. If it happens that your phone has an older software version, there is nothing to worry about because the app does still work with Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.0+ devices.

How AsianDate Members Benefit from the App

1. The download process is simple

Even if you aren’t savvy with technology, it will still be easy for you to download the app. The first thing to do is create an account with Google Play or the App Store, look for the application, click on the download button and simply wait for it to be fully downloaded.

2. You can flirt anywhere

Before this app was created, people could only talk to their favourite women on their desktop and couldn’t always take it with them. Accessibility is so much easier with smartphones. You could be sitting in a restaurant or café and be chatting with your online date.

3. Access to the features plus convenience

There isn’t anything else that can offer you access to the features of the AsianDate portal plus additional convenience. This app makes your online dating life much smoother.

Dating is More Flexible

The development of the AsianDate dating application shows that the dating dynamics are changing with the times. Don’t fall behind and settle for outdated ways of dating. Instead join the vast number of people who can now date in a modern fashion with

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