Creating an Excellent Online Dating Profile

Sounds like a simple task, doesn’t it? Sounds like all you need to do is type in your name, email address and some personal data like your hobbies, your height, weight and eye color, etc. In reality, once you are past these small details, the hard part comes in: you need to introduce yourself and write down what you are looking for. These two parts are what will attract of put off potential partners.

Doesn’t sound that easy anymore, does it? You may be wondering how to do all of that when you haven’t even put any thought into how you would AsianDatedescribe yourself and your ideal Asian partner in detail. There is definitely pressure involved in this endeavour, but we are here to relieve most of it. We understand where you are coming from, which is why we can offer you this great advice. You can write an excellent online dating profile without coming across like a bragger or someone who is desperate. Here we go:

1. What do your friends think of you?

Do you have any friends that you have known your entire life? Get a pen and a piece of paper and ask them for advice. They know you better than you know yourself and that makes them great judges of your personality. Ask them individually to describe you, take some notes and later put it all together, edit it all into a description of yourself.

2. Social life

Hopefully you aren’t one of those people who looks at social media as social activity. If you are then you should definitely get out more. People who are online dating are constantly thinking where in your life do they fit and if you keep going on and on about some tv show or funny cat videos then they will start thinking that you are an introvert. Now there is nothing wrong with being one but you need to seem like you are intersted in interacting with others more.

Additional tips:

Include any sports that you are even remotely interested in.
Add anything you love to do outdoors. Even if it’s simply going for a walk.
Add whatever you love to do in public: going to the movies, taking pictures.

3. Pictures matter!

Your profile picture is the one thing in online dating that you can use to create a great first impression. The profile matters as well, of course but the picture is the first thing people see. There are several important things to remember when picking what pictures to include in your online dating profile:

*Add only recent images. Whatever you did back in 1995 doesn’t matter any more.
*Add pictures from the recent summer. Studies have shown that those are found more attractive.
*Add images where you are engaged in some activity. Again, studies have shown that people respond much more to profiles with action pictures in them.

4. Who do you want to meet?

No dating profile is complete or has any real use for you if you don’t add what and who you are looking for. The key here is to be specific but remain realistic. It makes sense to say that you are looking for someone who loves sports, reading, trying new things and so forth. It isn’t advisable to focus on physical appearances. Mentioning a couple of physical traits is okay but you want to focus more on the character and ambitions. The pictures on her profile will tell the tale anyway.

Confident Online Dating Profiles

These tips are very basic but time and time again they have shown to work very well. If you stick with them you will see an increase in responses on your online dating profile. Don’t forget to be honest, look presentable on your profile picture, be active in your search and you will have success. Good luck with your online dating!

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