What You’re Not Doing That’s Damaging Your Relationship

There are times when we regret the things that we have done. But, in most cases, we get over this kind of regret in record time. However, our deepest and most damaging regrets actually comes from the things that we don’t do. For example, when dating or when in love, there are things you don’t end up doing that’s damaging your relationship.

Damaging Your Relationship | Asian Date

Damaging Your Relationship Could Be As Easy As Staying Idle

When we already feel like everything in our relationship is in place, we get comfortable. This isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes, we get too settled in our comfort zone that we become idle. We don’t put in the effort to show our affection to the person we’re with, we don’t take the time to do something special anymore. We are doing the act of omission and this is what’s damaging our relationship.

To paint a clearer picture, let’s have examples. Let’s say there’s couple A then couple B. Couple A is very loving, and they are definitely showy, especially the man. They may have small fights every now and then, but the love and passion are palpable.

Compare that with couple B who do not have a lot to fight about, but there isn’t any love in the atmosphere. When they’re together, they feel like roommates rather than lovers. This is the act of omission.

How To Be More Proactive

If couple B sounds like your relationship, it’s time for you to make changes. Yes, you’re not really doing anything wrong which may be fine in your eyes, but the mistake you’re making is that you’re not doing anything at all. You have lost your passion and your drive. You have lost your interest to better your relationship. For you to avoid this, consider the following tips:

  • Do something new with your partner.
  • Keep your lines of communication open.
  • Act like your partner is your best friend.
  • Spice things up whenever possible.
  • Leave simple notes for your partner to find.

There are plenty of things that you can do. The main idea for you to show your partner that you’re making an effort. You can prevent damaging your relationship by simply showing that you care for the person you’re with. For more dating tips, make sure you read other posts on the blog.