How To Date Multiple People The Right Way

Mostly with dating in the past, it is presumed that you cannot date multiple people at the same time. Now, times have changed and so has this norm. Because of the popularity of online dating and app dating, we can easily date multiple people without consuming a lot of our time and without putting in a ton of our effort.

How To Date Multiple People The Right Way | Asian Date

The 101 Of Dating Multiple People

That’s the beauty of dating through the internet. We can talk to as many people as we want. When we have found the one person we have the most chemistry with, we can meet and then decide to be exclusive afterward. You just have to date multiple people in the following ways:

Never Lie About Exclusivity

The first rule about dating multiple people is that you need to be transparent with exclusivity (or the lack of it). When one of your dates asks you about being exclusive, tell him or her that you are not looking for that right now. It’s better that you be honest about your current status rather than hurting someone in the end.

Date With Diversity

Because you have this chance of dating multiple people at the same time, take advantage of it. Date outside of your comfort zone. Date with diversity so that you can a better idea of who you want or don’t want to be with, in the future.


The only tricky thing about seeing a lot of people at the same time is that you get confused by the details when you don’t organize. As much as possible, you have to create a system that allows you to remember Date A’s birthday, Date B’s favorite downtown restaurant, and Date C’s current hobby. You can write it down as notes.

It’s the modern age and dating a lot of people at the same time is common and accepted. Just make sure that you observe the three rules that we included in the list. For more modern dating tips, check out more on our blog.