Dating Advice: Body Language Tricks That’ll Get You The Second Date

First dates are always so nerve wrecking. Everything can go wrong, from your car breaking down to a piece of food getting stuck between your teeth without you knowing it. That’s why those who are in the dating scene consider first dates as “make it or break it” tests. If you do well, you’re going to the next round which is the second date. If it was a disaster or if the chemistry simply wasn’t there, you don’t get anything, not even a text. But, there is a way; this dating advice.

Asian Date | Dating Advice: Body Language Tricks That'll Get You A Second Date
Know what body language tricks that will help you get a second date.

Dating Advice: Body Language Tricks That Make Dates Better

You can always make your first dates better with body language tricks that can help land you a second date. Can the right body language land you a second date? Well, it’s a fact that non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. What our body communicates often conveys what our true feelings are.

We should also consider that we are attracted to people who are confident and at ease with themselves. And, how can we tell if a person is confident and comfortable in their own skin? We can tell by the way they act, and that’s body language. Let’s go to the tricks:

1. Mirroring

Mirroring means what you think it means. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror. But, you shouldn’t copy exactly what your date is doing. You should just be aligning your body, so it matches the position of your date. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Although mirroring isn’t exactly imitating the way the other person acts, it shows admiration and agreement.

2. Eye Contact

Oh, the eyes. How many times have you heard about maintaining eye contact when you’re on a date? There’s a good reason why this is reiterated. Not maintaining eye contact can make you come across as anxious, distracted, or dishonest. It can take a while for you to master this body language trick, but it will pay off in the long run.

3. Keep Your Hands Where Your Date Can See Them

Where’s the first place you hide your hands in when you’re nervous? Your pockets, right? Well, you should get them out because hiding your hands conveys that you may be uncomfortable and that you’re hiding something. Let’s just say that this move is

Let’s just say that this move is perceived as negative, so practice putting your hands on the table or make them move while you talk; not excessively, of course. Doing this communicates open body language which is taken as a more positive action.

Do you know of other body language tricks for dating that we should include on the list? Comment them below. Also, drop by Asian Date to meet beautiful Asian women online you can practice your body language tricks on.