Dating Should Be Done Like A Job Interview, Here’s Why

A job interview can get boring, awkward and just downright stressful. That’s why a lot of us dread going to interviews with potential companies. We do it anyway if we really want that chance to get into the companies we want. Strangely enough, this process, according to an expert, can also be applied when we are on dates.

Dating Should Be Done Like A Job Interview, Here's Why | Asian Date

Treat Your Dates As A Job Interview

Based on Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist, the best way to conceptualize dating is if we look at it as a means of doing informational interviews. Simply put, dating should be where you get most of the information you need – information that can tell you whether your date is a keeper or not. You can do it this way:

1. Past Experience

It’s mandatory that the interviewer review your past employment during a job interview. In the same case, you should also ask the past experience of the person you’re dating. However, instead of focusing on the person’s career, focus on his past experiences with his former relationships.

2. Balancing Strengths And Weaknesses

When you’re the one doing the talking, make sure that you are expressing a balance between your strengths and weaknesses. No company would take on someone who emphasizes their bad side. At the same time, no company would hire someone who is overly blown up or big-headed.

3. Educational Background

Educational background is important in job interviews and in dating. Companies need to know if you will fit in with the people who are already working for them. In dating, a person’s educational background will help you gauge if, more or less, you have the same values and perception.

4. Be Semi-Felxible

No employer is strict when it comes to following the requirements for certain applicants. There is always going to be some amount of flexibility. The same should be with you. If you do not have the perfect candidate, maybe you can look past some of their undesirable qualities. Do not overdo it though lest you want to settle for someone lesser.

It’s probably clear now why a date can be somewhat similar to an interview. Try asking the right questions on your next date, and remember to treat it as a platform to get information. For more dating tips, read more of our posts on our blog.