Dating Excuses Women Hate Hearing

The scenario: you’ve set up a date with a gorgeous lady you met online. You can’t wait to meet her because it seems like you have a lot in common. You tell her how excited you are and that you’re looking forward to talking in person. The day of the date comes, and you suddenly need to cancel. What will you tell your gorgeous date? What dating excuses shall you come up with?

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Dating Excuses You Should Never Tell A Woman

The truth is, we don’t always have control over everything that happens in our lives. We set up an appointment; an emergency comes up, we cancel the appointment. It’s understandable when the reason is valid, but when it comes to cancelling dates, you have to be very careful. It’s because your valid reason can sound like you’re making excuses and that can ruin your chances of setting up another date with the same lady.

So what do you do? For starters, you need to avoid the following dating excuses that women hate to hear:

Things Got Busy At Work

The “I’m super busy” reason sounds like an excuse because most of us have 9-5 jobs. When we work from 9-5, we don’t usually volunteer to do projects that are tedious and will take a while to finish. So, unless you’re a company CEO, stay away from the “I’m busy” excuse.

Family Emergency

The “family emergency” excuse is a classic. Most men would say the exact phrase “family emergency” which can make women sceptical because there are no specifics. Here’s an example, you’re in the middle of doing something, and all of a sudden your mother calls because your uncle was brought in to the hospital. You’re going to tell whoever you’re with that you have to go because your uncle is in the emergency room. You don’t say, “I have to go, it’s a family emergency.” Be more specific with this one.

I’m Too Sick

Do you know why women don’t buy the “I’m too sick” excuse? It’s because you don’t usually go down with a cold or a fever without experiencing symptoms a few days before. If you give your date this excuse on the day of your date, kiss your chances of seeing her again goodbye. If it’s a day or two before the date, that can be understandable.

Whatever your reason for cancelling the date is, you have to make sure that:

  • Your cancellation won’t cause her inconvenience. As much as possible, cancel the date a day or two before.
  • You’re telling the truth, and you’re specific about it.

Women don’t like hearing excuses, but if you’re honest on why you’re cancelling the date, you might get a second chance. For more dating tips, check out more posts from our blog. You can also visit AsianDate to meet lovely Asian ladies online.