Is Dating Out Of Your League A Good Idea?

Most people will tell you that dating out of your league is a bad idea because you are going to end up disappointed. Many have actually followed this advise because it seems logical and reasonable. If you think that you are not as attractive, you should date in your lane only. But, is this advice really that effective for our dating lives? Of course not.

Is Dating Out Of Your League A Good Idea? | Asian Date

Why You Should Try Dating Out Of Your League At Least Once

The whole idea of “sticking to your lane” limits us when it comes to dating. Our “lane” is determined by our own self-image. If we feel like we’re ugly, we are also going to stay within the “ugly lane”. But, if we feel like we’re as attractive as a Calvin Klien model, then the people we contact should be up to par.

Understand that this mindset is counterproductive and ridiculous because the way we see ourselves may be different than how our potential date sees us. A beauty can definitely find a geek handsome and charming, but the geek won’t believe it for a second. To remedy this, keep the following principles in mind:

What Can You Bring To The Table?

The first thing you need to look at is yourself. If you don’t see yourself as someone who deserves love, how can you move forward? This is why self-love and self-appreciation are very important. Learn to see the good in you and then think about what good things you can offer in a relationship.

Physical Attraction Is Not The End-All

There are people who appreciate what’s inside more than what’s outside. You should be happy that you are dating in this day and age because today’s generation (the millennials) are more aware and in-tuned with themselves. It’s likely that you will come across people who are not focusing on outward appearances.

Read People, Quick

You have to face the fact that you’re going to come across a few bad apples here and there. That’s why you need to master the skill of reading people. There will be individuals who say this but actually, mean that. So, be careful.

Dating is a bit tricky today, but don’t buy into the whole illusion of “dating within your level or lane”. Try to dating out of your league at least once, you might just be surprised at the responses you get. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.