Are Your Dating Standards Too High Or Just Right?

We all have different dating preferences and standards. We have friends who think that our standards are high, but we may think otherwise. This brings us to the question: how are dating standards measured, and are yours too high?

Are Your Dating Standards Too High Or Just Right? | Asian Date
How would you know if your dating standards are too high?

Should You Adjust Your Dating Standards?

A lot of people who are dating or online dating probably have the exact same question stuck in their heads. Our dating standards are important because they could be the reason why we’re not getting any dates. They could be the reason why people shy away from meeting us also.

To tell the truth, we cannot really measure a person’s standards when dating because there is no measuring stick for it. To each his own; standards are something that is subjective and not objective. But, there is a difference between healthy and unrealistic standards of dating, and pointing that out is exactly what we’ll do.

Unrealistic Standards

Let’s start by defining what unrealistic standards are. We have Hollywood to thank for this, mainly. Unrealistic standards are, to say it plainly, unattainable. These kinds of standards involve a 100-item list of the attributes you want in a partner. And that list will probably contain more physical requirements than the emotional ones. Unrealistic standards can also involve a patterned relationship. For example, if you want your relationship to be patterned after Kim Kardashian’s, you have to adjust your perspective.

Acceptable Standards

On the other hand, your standards are acceptable when:

  • You focus on the person rather than their potential for marriage.
  • When you are willing to get to know the person and not check off each of their attribute on your list.
  • When you’re willing to give a chance even though your date’s characteristics do not match your list 100%.

So does this mean that it is wrong to have a list? By all means NO. But if your list has realistic expectations for the person you want to meet.

Even if people are telling you that your standards are too high, don’t mind them because, again, there is no measuring stick. It may be high to them, but for you, it could be the best way to find the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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