Dating Troubles: Should You Seek Expert Advice For Dating?

When it comes to other people’s dating troubles everyone feels ready, eager even, to pass on their wisdom and tell those in a pickle how to deal with their love-life problems. When it comes to us, however, who should we turn to when dating advice is sorely needed? Is the help we can get from friends enough, or should we look for expert advice instead?

Is expert advice necessary, or is help from friends enough?
Is the help we get from friends enough, or should we turn to expert advice for dating?

The Difference Between Expert Advice And Friends’ Advice

Taking comfort in our friends is therapeutic and bonding. A night out where we get totally wasted after a breakup is something of a ritual in every guy’s life, but how skilled are our buddies in helping us solve complicated relationship issues?

The high-school friend who just got a divorce or our colleague at work who just had a bitter feud with his ex are too invested to offer the cool-headed advice we need. They are more probable to tell us to just break up and get on with our lives – but advice that’s so emotionally charged surely isn’t sound advice.

Another reason why those who know us well may want what’s best for us but be unable to offer the needed guidance is exactly this: they know us too well. The people who love us cannot be unbiased and objective. Even when we are in the wrong, they might not be able to see it, or they might be more reluctant to tell us to our face for fear of causing hurt.

An expert, on the other hand, is someone who’s been trained to solve complex relationship issues and offer serious dating advice. They may not know us as well as our mates, but they know how to deal with certain situations that are similar for most people. An expert will not offer you a shoulder to cry on, but he will tell you the way to fix things – which is equally, if not more, useful.

In A Nutshell

Should we stop confiding in our friends or stop taking their advice and criticism into account? Of course not. Friends should always play a role in our lives and they know us so well they will always have insight into our unique situation. At the same time, though, we should turn to expert advice for dating when we feel we need it and are unable to fix something ourselves, as we would turn to an expert for issues regarding our health since the advice coming from a professional is objective and precious.

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