How To Deal With Being Zombied

Have you ever heard of zombieing as you are dating? If not, it’s similar to the negative dating trend known as ghosting, but worse. You’ll know that you have just been zombied if someone you care for disappears suddenly. Then, out of the blue, he or she tries to resurrect your connection or spark with a message, email, or interaction on social media.

How To Deal With Being Zombied | Anastasia Date

Dealing With Being Zombied In A Healthier Way

It’s so frustrating to be zombied by someone that you have started falling for. It’s never a good feeling when you are suddenly left hanging. It’s even the worst feeling when the same person pops up into your life as if nothing happened. It can leave you downright frustrated and confused. So, how can you handle someone who has zombied you?

1. Ignore

If you have been hurt deeply, then you always have the option to ignore this person and just move on. Yes, you may have a few questions to ask, but think about if they’re worth getting hurt again. You may not like the answers you hear or you might just get lied to. Sometimes, the road to closure is within yourself.

2. Set Boundaries

If you feel like you have to get answers, or else you can never go on with your life, then set boundaries. These boundaries will help put a space between you and the person who zombied you. You also have to know where your limit is, where you draw the line. Be sure, however, that you trust yourself enough never to cross the line you drew.

3. Be Cautious To Prevent Being Zombied Again

You may be a person who can trust easily but remember that this person has already let you down once. It’s good to give second chances, if that’s what you are thinking about, but be very cautious.

Being zombied is not good for you, but you can always learn from the lemons that you are dealt with. Do you really need a person who left you hanging? It just goes to show that the person is not reliable. Protect yourself and protect your heart. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.