Dealing With “Hard To Get” Women Online

There are always going to be hard to get women online. Actually, even if you’re not online dating, women who snob you are also pretty common. So how would one deal with this especially when the snobbish woman is someone that’s really interesting? How do you get a yes for a first date?

Dealing With Hard To Get Women Online | Asian Date


Tips For Handling Hard To Get Women Online

There are a couple of tips that you need to follow. Before we go into those, remember that you met this person online. It’s possible that you might not have heard each other over the phone yet. It’s also possible that you have only been chatting for a few weeks. This is not enough to make a woman trust you. You might need to spend more time talking to each other over the phone.

When you are done spending time and getting to know the person more, you can proceed with these tips:

1. “I’m busy” might not be an excuse.

Most of the time, the main reason why you can get a reply quickly or you can’t get a yes for a first date is that the person is truly busy. There are plenty of men out there who say they encountered hard to get women online when all the while these women are busy with their lives, careers, and families.

2. Make plans.

Do you want to come off as serious an sincere when you ask a woman out? Then you have to ask someone one out on a date in advance so they, too, can make plans and move appointments.

3. Observe activities.

It’s kind of weird to spy on someone online but you have to entertain the fact that the woman who is snubbing you might not be into you at all. Have you checked her dating profile? Is she always online but doesn’t reply, until the next day? It’s behaviors like this that you need to watch out for.

Hard to get women online are sometimes playing a game to get your attention. Unfortunately, it’s what most women do. The good part about this is that when she’s playing this game, she might be interested in you too but is unsure of your intentions. On the other hand, it’s a little bit confusing since the interest might not be there in the first place. You really have to focus on number three because actions speak louder than words.

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