Debunking Myths About AsianBeauties

Myths About AsianBeauties You Need to Know
Source: AsianDate

If you’ve been dating AsianBeauties for a while, you’ve most probably heard of the stories already. Maybe the stories were the very reason why you got into Asian dating in the first place. Come to think of it, let’s change the word “story” with stereotype because that’s a more appropriate word for what we’re going to talk about today.

Common AsianBeauties Stereotypes

It’s the 21st century, but no matter how open-minded we claim to be, we still can’t let go of a few notions that we believe to be true. Stereotypes exist in every culture. With AsianBeauties in particular, foreign men tend to be attracted to how they think an Asian woman is. Here are common stereotypes of AsianBeauties:

1. All Asian ladies are obsessed with studying and are intelligent.

This statement is somewhat true because Asians do value education. Even at a young age, most Asians feel that they need to do well in school to be successful in life. What’s not true, however, is the part of the statement that says all Asian ladies are smart. Most Asians are of average intelligence. Some are quite good at math, but some are not.

2. Asian ladies race to be intimate with a man.

Being open about intimacy is something that many people still considered as taboo in Asia, even to this day. However, despite intimacy or the openness of having been intimate with a partner being taboo, intimate encounters are not limited among the Asian population. There are AsianBeauties who are probably more experienced than you so, it is incorrect to say that they race to be intimate with a man.

3. Ladies in Asia are subservient China dolls.

We have movies to thank for this stereotype. You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of AsianBeauties are more independent than you think. You cannot boss them around, and you cannot make them do what they do not want to do. This stereotype is inaccurate.

Don’t Make Stereotypes the Reasons Why you Online Date

The bottom line of all of this:  you need to get to know someone before making a judgment on their character or personality. Some stereotypes are true, but these notions of how a particular type of race behaves are inaccurate. Recognize that AsianBeauties are individuals. It would be an incredible adventure to figure out what a lady from Asia is all about.

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